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International Journal of Eastern Sports & Physical Education
* Vol. 7 No.1 (Oct. 2009)  
* Vol.6 No.1(Oct.2008) * Vol.5 No.1(Oct.2007)
* Vol.4 No.1(Oct.2006) * Vol.3 No.1(Oct,2005)

Vol.3 No.1(Oct,2005)
1 Sports in the Russia’s Far East Olga Boichenko
2 An Introduction to Chinese Archery Ma Lianzhen
3 A Cross-Cultural Study of the Motivational Factors S. Roger Park
4 The Mental Benefits of Physical Fitness Karl J. Neeser
5 The Investigation and Research of Physical and Psychological Health Zhu Jie
6 The Influencing Factors and the Countermeasure Study of Chinese Zhu Jie
7 Factors Related to Success of Boxing Career in Thailand Boonsong Kosa
8 Training the Female body: The Rise of Women’s Gymnastics Takeshi Arimoto
9 Cultural Struggles on the Body in Japan and Asia Satoshi Shimizu
10 People Oriented-A key to Enhancing the Actual Effect of PE Yang Xiuqing
11 Research on the Characteristics and Model of Running Sport Chen Ning
12 Martial Arts in the Process of Institutional and Ideological Wojciech J
13 Retirement Rationale for Chinese Female Elite Athletes Mee-lee Leung
14 Mood Profiles of Youths in Hongkong and Beijing Siu-yin Cheung
15 A Source of Socio- Cultural Transformation Anita Ghosh
16 Health Promotion through Physical Activities Mitra Rouhi
17 Education through Play and Game- Danish Experiences Henning Eichberg
18 Types and Characteristics of Demand in Sports Tourism Market Liu Boli
19 Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviour of Malaysian Selina Khoo
20 Measurements and Analyses of Body Diathesis for Chinese Shu Weiping
21 A Discourse on the Improvement of Hong Kong Physical Raymond Kim-wai Sum
22 Slavic soul and philosophy of martial arts Wojciech J.Cynarski
23 The Study of Relation between the Cause-Effect Path and Structure Equation Lee Yi Sheng
24 Functional Fitness Level of Older Women in Hong Kong Allison K.Y.

*Yearly Deadline: Sept. 30

*Format: Topic, Name(University, Organization), Abstract, Introduction,
Main Content, Conclusion & Suggestion, References

*Quantity: 5-10 pages in English

*If you want to use the languages of Chinese, Japanes, Korean, ,Malay, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, German, French, etc., you must add English Abstract of 1-2 pages to explain your content in detail.

*E-mail by MS-Word : jolee@suwon.ac.kr

*This journal preferrs the papers of comparative & cross-cultural studies in the areas of play, game, sports, physical education, leisure. & recreation, etc., on the basis of international dimension.

*Among them, there are sports anthropology, the study of body culture, traditional sports, ethnic sports, sports ecology, sports for all, sport tourism, martial arts, sports geography, sport history, sports philosophy, social psychology of sports, Int'l sport administration, management & marketing, professional sports, multinational sports, sport politics, the Olympics, critical viewpoints on the present sports studies, regional uniqueness in relation with sports, sports & ideology, bodily democracy, professional etc.

*Topics of back issue(the year of 2004)
  1. International Year for Sport & Physical Education Adolf Orgy (Former President of Switerzerland, Special Advisor to UN Secretary General on Sport, Development, & Peace)
  2. Bodily Democracy- Meeting the other in sport for all Dr.Henning Eichberg (Univ. of Southern Denmark)
  3. Senior Sport & the Challenge for Orgaized Sports Dr.Bjarne Ibsen(Director, Research Institute for Sport, Culture, & Civil Society,Denmark)
  4. Olympic Education in the Far East of Russia Vladimir Podichenko (Vice president of The Russia Olympic Committee)
    Olga Boichenko & Galina Scripnik (Far Eastern State Academy of Physical Culture, Khabarovsk, Russia)
  5. A paper on the Olympics in Russian language
  6. Socio-Cultural Transition in Russia as a factor of the New Approaches in Sport & Health Care Fields Dr. Irina Bykhovskaya (Russia State University of Physical Culture & Russian Institute for Cultural Research)
  7. Perceptions of Physical Education Learning Environment in Hong Kong Children
    Dr.Amy S. Ha (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
  8. Promotion of Stress Management in Schools In Hong Kong Dr. Si Yin Cheung (Hongkong Baptist University)
  9. Teachers as Coaches: A Study of Perceived Task Efficacy
  10. The Values Manifested by the Essence of Iran's Zurkhaneh Paul Chartier (Master of Play, Canada)
  11. Iranian Traditional Games
    Prof. Mitra Roohi Dehkordi (Azad University of Iran)
  12. Traditional Games in Tunisia, Africa
    Prof. Abderrahman Ayoub (University of Tunis)
  13. Archery the Traditional Game: In Indian Perspective
    Dr. Anita (University of Delhi, India)
  14. Development of Kabaddi in India
    Dr. S.N.Behera (Amravati University,India)
  15. Taiwan Aboriginal People's Douzou Race Activity
    Tsai Jung Chieh (National Taiwan University)
  16. Some Traditional Field Play & Games for Children in Vietnam
    Nguyen Thi Phuong (Vietnam Institute of Social Science)
  17. Some of Social Factors Influencing the Successful of Thailand
    Sport in 2004 Olympic Games
    Prof. Chuchchai Gomaratut (Chulalongkorn University)
  18. A Japanese paper in Japanese language
    Prof. Hirokawa Toshio (Nigata Sangyo University,Japan)
  19. Characteristics & Development Trend of Physical Education Major in China
    Prof. Chen Ning (Chengdu Sports University)
  20. ~ 33 Papers in Chinese language
  21. A Study on Sport Tourism In East Asia
    Dr. J. lee

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